The Nursery

Cedargreen - The NurseryCedargreen Landscaping is one of the only companies in Middle Georgia that has an in-store nursery for its customers. Our nursery is lovingly taken care of and stocked full of all the plants, accessories, and furnishings you could ever want. Our vignettes give you a true feel of what your lawn might look like. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or just stop by. The Nursery is open Tuesday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday 9-5.


Cedargreen - Plants


Our in-house nursery has one of the best selections of plant-life you'll find. We carry everything including evergreens, deciduous plants, perennials, and trees of all assortments, and our nursery is growing as healthily as the plants it houses. We are constantly adding new varieties of plant-life and if you don't see what you're looking for, we can order anything you want. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or to ask us about the product you've got on your mind.

Cedargreen - Accessories


In addition to carrying a wide variety of plant-life and lawn furniture, The Nursery at Cedargreen Landscaping carries tons of outdoor and indoor accessories. Our selection includes statues, sculptures, bird-houses, natural foods, clothing items, and decorations. Our huge selection provides plenty for you to choose from, and if you don't see what you want, we are happy to help you find and order items for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or stop by today.

Cedargreen - Furniture


Cedargreen Landscaping carries the finest lawn furnishings including garden benches, wood furniture, stone benches, chairs, tables, parasols, patio furniture, and all types of yard decor in-between instock and ready for your lawn. Our helpful vignette layouts let you see what our furnishings look like together, and all of our products can be purchased individually from the Nursery, and we even have some available in sets.

Cedargreen - Outdoor Kitchen & Grills

Outdoor Kitchen & Grills

Outdoor kitchens are a great way to spend more time enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends. Our selection of outdoor kitchen & grill equipment and accessories is outstanding and thanks to the exterior construction experts at Cedargreen, we can handle everything from beginning to end. Our staff can level the ground you want to build on, design and construct a patio or paved area, and even order, supply, deliver, and install equipment for you. Contact us to learn more about our outdoor kitchen& grill services.

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